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A selection of free tools for Windows developing

This is a list of tools I used under Windows to develop my applications FX-Repton and FX-Zacman (excluding wxWidgets).

FOX Toolkit packages

Prebuilt package for Dev-C++

WARNING: this package is old, outdated and no more works under the latest versions of Dev-C++.
I will make a new release shortly!

[sig] (Last updated: 2003-07-05) This is a prebuilt a Dev-C++ package that includes the FOX library 1.1.30 and the documentation (tested with the Dev-C++ and GCC 3.2).

To start a FOX project, simply select "New project", choose the "FOX Application" template from the "GUI" category and modify the created skeleton application.

Prebuilt package for MSVC 6/7 and Intel

Please follow this link.

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