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TVision homepage

This is the official homepage of TVision, a port of Turbo Vision.

Turbo Vision (often called also TV, for brevity) was a widely-used library that provided a textmode application framework. By using this library the programmer could wrote a beautiful and flexible user interface in a short time. TV was available in C++ and Pascal and is a product of Borland International (also known as Inprise); it was originally intended to run only under MS-DOS and Windows shells. You can still download these ancient libraries from Borland or Inprise.

Luckily, today this library is available for many other platforms (ported by independent programmers). My port is based on the latest C++ version (Turbo Vision 2.0); the targets are generic Unix systems. It runs well under GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, at least.

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TVision sources

Here is a list of the various TVision issues available; be sure to download the latest. All the packages should be ported easily to other operating systems with little or no change (most of them are built using GNU Automake/Autoconf).

  1. tv-0.1.tar.gz: TVision 0.1
  2. tv-0.2.tar.gz: TVision 0.2
  3. tvision-0.3.tar.gz: TVision 0.3
  4. tvision-0.4.tar.gz: TVision 0.4
  5. tvision-0.5.tar.gz: TVision 0.5
  6. tvision-0.6.tar.gz: TVision 0.6
  7. tvision-0.7.tar.gz: TVision 0.7
  8. tvision-0.8.tar.gz: TVision 0.8 Latest!

TVision examples

These are some examples users requested in the past.

  1. basicMakefile: makefile template showing how to write a makefile
  2. how to change the background pattern
  3. how to use the TListBox class
  4. how to create custom views
  5. how to handle dialogs without menu bar and status line
  6. how to show a dialog box at startup
  7. a simple text editor
  8. the classic life example
  9. how to use range validators in input lines

Sergio Sigala's homepage / TVision homepage